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Four ways to fund your business concept

Today's entrepreneurs have more ways than ever to fund their business concepts. They just have to know what they need -- and what they are willing to give up -- to get it.

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Former city of Chicago CIO takes open data to next level

While serving under Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the city's former CIO launched an app that integrated data from multiple sources to improve situational awareness. Now, he's taking that project to the next level.


Death of the hashtag?

There's big data and then there's big text. Find out why they're different. Plus, the key to a data team's success: The Data Mill reports.


The race to deliver multichannel customer engagement

The customer is already multichannel. Companies -- and CIOs -- are scrambling to catch up. It won't be easy.

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    10 ways CIOs can thrive with IoT

    Is there a 'd-i' missing from the middle of the IoT acronym? Read on for IT and business strategist Harvey Koeppel's humorous take on the meaning and disruptive nature of the Internet of Things and the 10 things CIOs can do to prepare for the IoT.

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    How to leave your mark on the digital economy

    Is your company a bystander to the digital economy? Understand the three characteristics of digital goods, says an MIT Sloan professor, and you could be on your way to becoming filthy rich (or better yet, saving the world).

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    Starting a small business? Expert reveals three essential tips

    SearchCIO's new columnist Bryan Barringer was all of 7 when he inspired his family to open its first business. This serial entrepreneur -- and serious Star Wars fan -- will be your guide to starting a business.

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    Quantifying the value of IT: Advice from CIOs

    Quantifying the value of IT can be tricky, but it’s a critical part of a CIO’s job. In this installment of our CIO Voices series, two IT leaders share their strategies for quantifying the value of IT in their organizations.

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    IT executive high earners vs. low earners

    What separates the high earners from the low earners among senior IT executives? The ability to negotiate a bonus helps, according to the 2014 TechTarget IT Salary and Careers Survey.

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    Mesh networks are coming to a house near you

    The Internet of Things is spurring a new architecture for relaying data, referred to by some as mesh networking. But it may not be enterprise-ready yet.