PC-less Skype solutions

PC-less Skype solutions

By Aztech Systems Ltd


The Aztech V500DS is a PC-less Skype DECT, cordless dual-mode internet/DECT phone that brings together traditional landline calls and Skype calls.

With built-in Skype software, users do not require any PC to use Skype free peer-to-peer and SkypeOut calls. Powered by DECT cordless technology, the product provides clear digital communication. Infusing style with functionality for homes and offices, the handset supports free Skype-to-Skype calls as well as SkypeOut and SkypeIn calls to and from regular telephones anywhere in the world.

Also from Aztech is the dual mode PC-less Skype internet conference phone, SCP300, that allows Skype conference calls and normal telephone calls without the need of a computer.

Its in-built full-duplex speakerphone and microphones deliver crystal clear voice quality. It encompasses a motion sensor to detect the user's presence and automatically changes the user's Skype status accordingly.

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28 Jun 2007