Internet telephony gateway

The Linksys Internet Telephony Gateway with four FXO ports (SPA400) is designed for implementation with the LVS IP telephony system. The SPA400 provides a reliable VoIP and PSTN voice communication service for small business users who are looking for high-value features generally found only on more expensive PBX equipment.

The SPA400 features the ability to connect up to four standard analog telephones lines to the LVS VoIP network. It utilises multiple analog phone lines and automatically routes calls to and from users' existing PSTN telephone service.

The gateway also includes the additional benefit of an integrated voicemail application, in which users can set up to 32 voicemail accounts or boxes with customised greetings and receive and playback voicemail messages from Linksys IP Phones.

The SPA400 supports four RJ-11 FXO ports to connect to the PSTN and also includes one 10/100 BaseT RJ-45 ethernet interface that is used to connect to the local IP network.

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This was first published in June 2007