Wireless handset for VoIP calls

Integrated Wireless has announced the commercial launch of the QPE Wireless Handset for Skype calling as well as for use with other VoIP soft phones.

This small, lightweight wireless VoIP handset allows the user of a PC-based VoIP application to make and receive calls within 10 m of the PC. The QPE is compatible with Skype as well as other Peer-2-Peer VoIP software such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, as well as soft phones provided by other VoIP operators.

The handset weighs 39 g and has a 10 m range. It allows a user to move around to make and receive VoIP calls. The unit provides up to 20 h of talk time and 1000 h in standby mode. It also has echo cancelling software to maximise speech quality. The handset will work with Mac OS 10.3 as well as Microsoft 2000/XP.

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This was first published in August 2006