Network navigation -- Chapter 6 of 'Microsoft Windows Vista Administration'

Anthony Velte, Dennis Glendenning, and Toby Velte

Microsoft introduced a new way to view and navigate a network with Windows Vista. This chapter, excerpted from Microsoft Windows Vista Administration, examines such new tools as Network Map and Network Details. If you have several networks that your users need to connect to using a single computer, you'll find this chapter will explain how you can manage those connections more simply and efficiently than in earlier versions of Windows.

Microsoft Windows Vista Administration explains how you, the IT professional, can make Vista a part of your network. The authors demonstrate what has changed under the hood, and how to get the most out of these new features. Many chapters explain how you can use those features to improve your own network. It goes into configuration details, how to deploy Vista images, and how to hook it up and troubleshoot. But apart from the normal nuts and bolts, this book goes into depth about Vista's advanced features that Redmond included to increase network performance and stability. If you are tasked with how to roll out Vista or if you are a systems analyst, network architect, desktop and server admin or professionally interested in this latest flavour of Windows, this book is for you.

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Network navigation

Excerpted from Microsoft Windows Vista Administration by Anthony Velte, Dennis Glendenning, and Toby Velte (ISBN: 0071493034 / 9780071493031).

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