Cordless communications

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The Aastra DECToverIP mobility solution delivers cordless communications on VoIP networks via SIP.

It is highly scalable, offering small, medium and large enterprises the mobility and voice quality of DECT. The system enables companies to implement a cost-effective converged wireless solution that can support up to 256 SIP-DECT base stations and 512 cordless handsets. In any business environment requiring mobility, employees can stay in touch and be more responsive and productive, while on the move within their premises. The system can be deployed in a single site or across multiple locations on one corporate VoIP network. It provides full roaming and seamless handover between base stations.

The system incorporates features similar to SIP desk terminals such as call forward and CLI and can easily be deployed in most open-standard hosted or premised IP environments including Asterisk, Broadsoft, Zultys and MetaSwitch.

Supporting up to eight simultaneous voice conversations, the PoE-powered SIP-DECT base stations are available in indoor and outdoor versions. The DECT handset offers features such as: hands-free operation, 5-line graphic display, memory card, headset jack and vibrating ringer.

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