VoIP adapters


The latest IP remote family of products by Omnitronics has been released with improved capabilities and functions. They are designed to provide VoIP extensions for analog radio equipment.

The devices enable analog 2-way radios to be remotely controlled over an IP link and are specifically designed to transport tone signalling schemes with data compression. For fleet mobile operators, this ensures that radio communications networks can be integrated into the corporate WAN in an efficient manner and with reliable results.

The IPR100 is a single-channel device with a local handset/console port. The IPR400 provides the ability to interface four radios from a compact 1RU housing.

The units can be used to create back-to-back IP links between two or more radios using point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communications. The handset port on the IPR100 enables it to provide remote control and monitoring of a single radio from an operator's handset or console.

The IPR products are designed to transport signalling schemes such as SELCAL, DTMF and CTCSS over data networks. Analog signalling schemes will not work reliably through a data network when audio compression below 64 Kbps is used.

Compression algorithms tend to degrade audio tones resulting in poor signal decoding at the end stations the adapters overcome this problem by directly decoding analog signalling tones and encoding them into data messages. Similarly, the reverse operation (analog

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encoding) is performed at the transmission end.

Both units feature fully-isolated radio interfaces, VAD, silence suppression, RS-232 data tunnelling and 128-bit AES encryption. Configuration is via a standard web browser.

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