Carrier Ethernet: Standardising carrier-class characteristics

Abdul Kasim

If Carrier Ethernet is going to become the de facto platform for offering next generation high-bandwidth multimedia applications, it has to have carrier-class characteristics that have been identified, reviewed and approved. Carrier Ethernet will help enable metropolitan area networks (MANs) and wide area networks (WANs) deliver next-generation packet services including IPTV, and offer enterprise customers familiar and easy-to-deploy services.

Delivering Carrier Ethernet: Extending Ethernet Beyond the LAN, a new book by Abdul Kasim (McGraw-Hill, 2007), offers an in-depth

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assessment of all aspects of Carrier Ethernet attributes and real-world service deployments. In this chapter download, Kasim looks at efforts by standards bodies, particularly the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), to make Carrier Ethernet truly carrier class.

In this chapter, you'll find in-depth information on:

  • Carrier Ethernet standardisation
  • Defining Carrier Ethernet
  • Ethernet in the LAN vs. Ethernet in service provider networks
  • Attributes of Carrier Ethernet
  • Carrier Ethernet service reliability and scalability
  • MEF certification program

The Ethernet Service Model

Performance parameters

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Excerpted with permission from the McGraw-Hill Companies from Delivering Carrier Ethernet: Extending Ethernet Beyond the LAN by Abdul Kasim (McGraw-Hill; 2007).