VoIP Tech Basics

TechTarget ANZ Staff

Wondering just how VoIP works, or what technologies make it possible?

Our tips on some VoIP technology basics should help you understand and manage your VoIP network a little better.

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  • What exactly is going on inside VoIP packets as they traverse your network?

  • Create and update a QoS strategy
    Voice quality relies on Quality of Service (QOS). This tip explains how to create and update a QoS strategy

  • Advanced QoS
    What else contributes to QoS? Read on to learn more!

  • How to analyse a VoIP network
    Un-managed networks mean unreliable calls, hence this tip on how to keep tabs on your VoIP systems

  • VoIP bandwidth
    How much bandwidth does VoIP require? This tip explains how to calculate your bandwidth needs