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Wireless provides connectivity for council

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Increased demand for network connectivity and real-time information has resulted in the Caboolture Shire needing to integrate geographically isolated parts of the council.

The council wanted to deliver a high bandwidth WAN connectivity to shire offices without incurring ongoing telecoms provider carriage costs and deliver high quality network throughput with a guaranteed grade of service over distances of up to 20 km and implement wireless links while taking into account the coexistence of pre-existing wireless and network technologies.

The criteria for the network upgrade was that it needed to be cost effective and integrate easily with existing council IT infrastructure with little or no interruption.

CBO constructed a wireless network using free space optics and SAGEM licenced microwave radio. The wireless links are secured by standard VPN's and network encryption at each end, ensuring secure networking.

"We have now deployed state of the art high bandwidth wireless network extensions which provide ample throughput today, are scaleable, reliable and give Council total control over the use of this valuable IT asset," said Shane Hinchliffe, manager technology services, Caboolture Shire Council.

The five link high capacity wireless network between shire offices allows Caboolture Shire Council massive throughput improvements to libraries and outlying council facilities to deliver true broadband speed to staff working away from head office,

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therefore increasing network efficiency and employee productivity.

An ethernet wireless link provides a fixed cost solution offering sufficient bandwidth to fulfil business network connectivity goals.

The solution provides scalable bandwidth suitable for the next 5 years with no incremental costs, an established SLA and network performance criteria with dedicated service and support and no telecoms provider carriage costs.

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