Green mobility

Craig Mathias

ecycling and saving energy will not only save the earth, but will save you and your enterprise money. Learn how to go green with your enterprise mobile devices in this 10-minute podcast. Wireless mobility expert Craig Mathias talks about how to get a long battery life out of your mobile devices; how to energy save in network infrastructure; and how to recycle those pieces of technology once they've expired.

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  • :30     What general strategies conserve power in mobile devices?
  • 2:38   Do power-conservation settings on notebooks/wireless devices help?
  • 3:35   Do the various power-saving modes in 802.11 help?
  • 4:22   What can be done to save power in network infrastructure?
  • 6:15   Will you see an immediate cost benefit from conserving energy?
  • 6:40   Should older notebooks be recycled? What else can be done?
  • 8:38   What's your advice on recycling batteries?