VoIP readiness assessments

Torokina Networks

With the increasing number of VoIP failures in the Australian market place, Torokina Networks has launched a free VoIP readiness assessment for clients considering a VoIP environment.

One of the biggest challenges facing significant take up of VoIP in the Australian enterprise is an understanding of exactly what can impact a production VoIP environment, and why so many have failed. This lack of understanding causes many potential corporate VoIP users to remain sceptical, who in turn are hesitant to entrust the core communication channel with clients to VoIP.

"Our free VoIP readiness assessment is a component of a larger offering Torokina has in managing VoIP and IP Telephony environments," said David burns, head of Integration at Torokina. "We see too many clients looking for management solutions after having already implemented a VoIP environment, where the business units are questioning reliability and quality. A quality VoIP deployment really needs three components, Initial readiness assessment, a solid VoIP security policy, and ongoing performance management of both the network, and IP Telephony components. The Torokina solution for VoIP and IP Telephony covers all three aspects."

"Torokina's assessment uses simulated voice traffic flowing through the network between endpoints, and produces information on core metrics, such as latency, jitter, and MOS values. This allows an organization to understand the environments capabilities at different times,

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and under different work loads. This is a critical pre-deployment requirement that is all too often overlooked." said Mr Burns.

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