AIIA condemns broadband bickering

AIIA spokesperson Sheryle Moon has ridiculed the major parties' broadband policies, labelling them as 'political posturing'.

Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) spokesperson Sheryle Moon has ridiculed the major parties' broadband...

policies, labelling them as 'political posturing'.

She has called on the Coalition and Labor to deliver some concrete information on their policies for broadband, as well as the information, communications and technology (ICT) industry in general.

"The issue of broadband is being over politicised. A bipartisan approach to the issue is vital if we are to cut the red tape that is restricting Australia's optimal broadband delivery," Moon said.

"ICT is responsible for 4.6% of GDP and yet both the Coalition and Labor have failed over the first two weeks of the election campaign to deliver any vision for the future of ICT in Australia."

Moon believes politicians need to move beyond broadband and focus on the ICT skills shortage, industry sector growth, environmental concerns with e-waste and shaping the business environment in areas such as government procurement.

"The focus of the debate thus far has been broadband. Where is the momentum from our political leaders to think beyond one area at a time? Neither party is giving our sector cause for optimism.

"They have had years to formulate policy and yet appear to be hamstrung by one issue while neglecting the rest. For the sake of over 500,000 Australians employed in the ICT sector and for an industry which exports $5.7 billion worth of goods and services, I think we deserve better."