Telstra completes ADSL2+ rollout

Telstra has completed its previously announced rollout of ADSL2+ upgrades to 907 exchanges around Australia, approximately four months ahead of schedule.

The telco announced the plan to upgrade these exchanges soon after the Federal Government said it would not enforce regulation of the new infrastructure, which would have allowed third-party broadband providers to use the infrastructure as the basis of their own ADSL2+ services.

This brings the total number of exchanges in Australia with access to Telstra’s BigPond ADSL2+ to just over 1400, with Telstra estimating this equates to 16.6 million people.

Telstra's head of public policy and communications, Dr Phil Burgess, said: "With around 80% of the exchanges located outside the major metro areas, this is an important step forward for telecommunications in regional and rural Australia."

Commenting on the early completion of the project, Dr Burgess said it was “a testament to Telstra's commitment, the skill and dedication of our people, and the ability of the company to plan, resource and execute complex projects in tight timeframes”.

He also took the opportunity to take a shot at the WiMAX-based OPEL contract, which the Government axed last week.

"In just 64 days we've delivered high-speed broadband to more than 900 telephone exchanges which is nearly three times the number planned for in the flawed OPEL plan that would have squandered close to a billion taxpayer dollars,” he said.

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