Build a solid Web conferencing strategy

Web conferencing application implementation is expected to grow along with the introduction of video and sharing elements.

In this three-part series, Peter Brockmann explains why and how Web conferencing can add value to your business....

He delves into the Web conferencing infrastructure and how to select the best Web conferencing solution for your needs.

Web conferencing: Adoption grows and evolution continues

Web conferencing has been around for less than 10 years but has gained remarkable acceptance in the workplace. As one of the key collaborative technologies of unified communications, web conferencing will continue to grow in functionality, incorporating many application-sharing and video elements.

Web conferencing infrastructure

Web conferencing offers real-time collaboration and services. Learn how Web conferencing systems are designed, how they work and whether they will work for your organisation.

Web conference service selection criteria

This article reviews the features required and recommended for prospect education events, product demonstrations and web collaboration applications of web conferencing.

Dig Deeper on Enterprise communication applications