Enterprise VoIP systems

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  • VoIP is Lifeline's lifeline

    Counselling service Lifeline has turned to VoIP to make sure its service is always available to those in need. 

  • Australian Antarctic Division adopts Asterisk

    Scientists in Antarctica can now phone home over VoIP thanks to a large deployment of the open source IP-PBX Asterisk. 

  • VoIP softswitch

    Mera Systems' MVTS II (Mera VoIP Transit SoftswitchII) will support sophisticated routing capabilities, including various options for a carrier to send requests to ENUM registries, analyse the responses and use information received to take optimal ro... 

  • Wireless handset for VoIP calls

    Integrated Wireless has announced the commercial launch of the QPE Wireless Handset for Skype calling as well as for use with other VoIP soft phones. 

  • SearchVoIP ANZ's greatest hits

    Even the great wire walls around Sydney cannot stop us from disseminating VoIP info to you on this day of APEC. 

  • How do I resolve a "presence unknown" display issue when trying to build an OCS Access Edge?

    Integration and collaboration expert Hugh Marlor explains how to avoid the Windows 2008 issue of encountering a 'presence unknown' display when trying to build an OCS Access Edge. 

  • Unified communications: Public vs. private cloud computing

    Public vs. private cloud computing -- which is better for unified communications applications? Learn how public and private cloud computing models vary and why building private clouds may save your company money over using public clouds. 

  • How to configure SIP trunks for the enterprise

    Configuring SIP trunks requires careful planning and pre-deployment network assessment and analysis. Learn how to configure SIP trunks properly, reliably and securely in this excerpt of a chapter from "SIP Trunking." 

  • Failed open source VoIP deployment leads to hosted VoIP strategy

    After years of struggling to tame open source VoIP, one Texas marketing company saw malfunctions melt away when it opted for a hosted VoIP service from a local service provider. 

  • VoiceCon case studies demonstrate SIP trunking benefits

    SIP trunking was a hot topic at VoiceCon this year as companies look for ways to reduce the costs and data center footprint of their voice infrastructure. A case study panel at the conference demonstrated SIP trunking benefits and challenges. 

  • Not all SIP yet? Session border controller can do protocol translation

    SIP was supposed to standardize communications equipment, but not all organizations are all-SIP just yet, including the state of Delaware, which is using session border controllers for protocol translation between its newer Cisco and legacy Avaya sys... 

  • Best practices guide: Testing VoIP system power consumption

    To accurately benchmark VoIP system power consumption, a number of factors must be taken into account, such as VoIP handset configuration, the LAN infrastructure, system states, steady-state power draw, power factor and other variables. This guide wi... 

  • SIP trunking primer

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is the use of VoIP to help connect a traditional PBS to the Internet. SIP trunking can reduce communication costs and combine voice, video and data in a single line, allowing for unified communications capab... 

  • The top five unified communications issues for 2010

    Unified communications improves productivity and collaboration, but there are inherent challenges associated with the technology. Learn the top five unified communications issues that users can expect in 2010 and how these issues, such as major merge... 

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  • VoIP in 2009

    Expert Jon Arnold believes VoIP and IP telephony will continue to have a market impact in 2009. 

  • Google Android demonstrated at Google I/O conference

    Google's Android was demonstrated recently at the Google I/O conference. 

  • Beyond Asterisk -- Other open source PBXs

    Asterisk is the most widely known open source PBX, but other developers are making competitive products in the unified communications market. Learn more in this tip from Gary Audin. 

  • Open source PBX: Risk or value?

    Open source IP PBX systems like Asterisk have benefits and risks. Learn what they are and assess your readiness for the IP PBX implementation in this tip from Gary Audin. 

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