Virtualisation management

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  • ANZ guide to a cost-effective and reliable data centre

    Virtualisation is known for reducing rack footprint and improving disaster recovery in the data centre. But it can also reduce power and cooling costs, so long as you consider the physical design of your data centre, as this e-book explains. Learn fr... 

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  • Integrating the cloud with the enterprise

    Integrating cloud services with enterprise systems and infrastructure needs IT management to change in order to realise the benefits 

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    In this profile, Ziad Sukkar, CIO of SIRVA, explains why he rates virtualisation as the most important enterprise technology today. 

  • Five virtualisation management issues CIOS must manage

    Virtualisation is powerful and creates welcome efficiencies and savings, but can also introduce some new IT management challenges. We explain five of them – and how to meet the challenge and create smarter virtual infrastructure – in this tip. 

  • Which is cheaper?: Hyper-V or VMware?

    Microsoft's Hyper-V costs less on the price list, but sometimes VMware ESXi can be cheaper to implement 

About Virtualisation management

Virtualisation enables you to maximise IT resources, simplify management and cut costs. Explore the options and build a business case for server virtualisation, storage virtualisation and desktop virtualisation by checking out these resources on server consolidation, virtualisation software, virtualisation licensing considerations and virtualisation management.